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Towards the “0” Medium: Video & 3D Acrylic Model, Video Duration: 1min 23sec, 2012.

(video projection on the wall, where object is displayed & this video is available on above YouTube link)



Object Size:
15 X 6 X 6 cm


“Anima” is a subconscious female character of a male. But this character is always hidden. When the male becomes conscious of this character he tries to hide it. As explained in the video, all female characters are created within the male and disappear within the male.



Display View

Occupation of Occupying. 2012. Medium: Drawing on paper with Radium Pigment, Size: 175 X 142 & 168 X 136 cm (both of the drawings are vertically displayed, left one on the wall and right one on the floor).

Through this work I tried to explore the theory of symbolism within a dream. These transparent objects that I have made are in the shape of a wardrobe, a female symbol that I have been looking at in my house since childhood. My object has taken the face of a huge architectural drawing, which is trying to touch the sky and earth both. Perhaps, through this work I want to say that this architecture is playing the role of a human being, who always tries to occupy everything.



An Object & His Consciousness. 2012. Medium: Video & 3D Paper Model, Video Duration: 1min 43 sec. Model Size: 4in X 3in X 3in


(video projection from top of the roof on the object, which is displayed on the floor & this video is available on above YouTube link)

To produce this work I explored ‘Lucid Dream Theory’, in which the dreamer controls his/her dream while dreaming. Here I have presented a personal childhood object: a chair with drawers. . This object is dreaming to be a huge building structure, although it is just a small chair. If we look at the video, we see the chair’s drawers are giving the gesture of wings. Every frame is organized and précise, which indicates the consciousness of the chair while it is dreaming thus trying to fulfill its dream.



Question of Existence. 2012. Medium: Digital print on Archival Paper. Size: 5ft X 3.5ft

This is the photograph of a transparent hourglass shaped object with many drawers protruding from it. The hourglass represents time and the drawers a metaphor for human wishes. All these wishes are moving and spinning together making thousands of lines, none of which are prominent as in dreams one cannot seem to measure time and it is filled with chaos.



Don’t Think I Can’t Fly. 2012. Medium: Transparent Print & Light Box. Size: 5ft X 3ft

Most people have dreams about flying in the air or walking on clouds. Not only Freud but also Gayle Delaney claim this. Basically this work is a metaphor for that particular dream. One object is changing its form into architecture, which looks like line drawing but has an organic feeling, similar to flying in the air. Maybe this work has the touch of Jung’s “Anima” theory as well. All objects, which are flying in the air, could be the anima characters of the chief object.


Detail of the Work

Rebirth. 2012. Medium: Acrylic Sheet & Water, Size: 23in X 13in X 16in

Here I’m trying to explore the ‘Dream within a Dream Theory’. The image shows a transparent living room with objects within another transparent drawer. Both objects are female characters and are a metaphor for my 2nd life in this world and my 1st life within my mother’s womb. The living room is submerged in water. Fresh water is the symbol of birth in the dream, reason being that inside a mother’s womb, the baby stays in water. Therefore the object is a representation of a dream within a dream.




Let It Grow Up. 2012. Medium: Clay Cup, Seed, Soil, Metal Wire, Iron Net. Size: 6 X 36 X 18 inches (hanging display)

Life belongs in the seed. Seed depends on soil & water but if seed can't touch the soil then where is the life? Not let the seed get touch of soil & cutting our forest is almost the same matter. No life over there. This hanging nursery is a metaphor of that forest, which we are ruining everyday, where there is no life, no plantation.




Beyond Comprehension – 1. 2012. Medium: X-Ray Plat & Light Box. Size: 16 X 12 inches (each) (5 X-Ray prints are displayed along horizontally. Distance between each print is 3 inches but last print is 8 inches far from those)



Beyond Comprehension – 2. 2012. Medium: X-Ray Plat & Light Box. Size: 16 X 12 inches (each) (5 X-Ray prints are displayed along horizontally. Distance between each print is 3 inches but last print is 8 inches far from those)


Beyond Comprehension – 1,2

It happens pretty often. Some activities always stay out of sight, out of mind. Gradually it takes a quite ferocious face, when the activity has finished its job. Almost every time it shows its character at the end, possible to compare the word with medical science’s word and that is “Last Stage”. This word’s meaning is very simple; “Out of Hands!” (Always comes without giving any gesture)

Its material is related with medical science’s material. This material takes some attention at the first look. This is because experience about any kind of illness (it could be mental or physical) is never glad; gives always bitter knowledge.

These activities are very powerful, at the same time it does stay hidden, Beyond Comprehension.



In Terms of Identity. 2011. Medium: Marble Stone & Plywood. Size: 1ft 3in X 5ft X 3ft 7in


An object that is a marble table. According to its character, shape and history it has its own identity. 
I am including some drawers to this table as a security option to change its character in order to change its identity. Drawer has a different quite powerful character and that is the role of securing things. In order to secure something we always use a lot of drawers in our daily life. When we keep something inside the drawer, it shows the role of protection that we get from Mother’s Womb. For this reason I want to say here the Marble Table is acting like a Mother and the Drawers are the part of Mother’s Womb.



Robi -1. 2011. Medium: Etching Aquatint. Size: 10 X 8 inches      Robi -2. 2011. Medium: Etching Aquatint. Size: 10 X 8 inches


Who Cares. 2010. Medium: Wood, Metal Wire, Egg Shells, Pen, Acrylic Color. Size: 5ft 6in X 14in X 2ft

While roaming around the Karachi city, I visited an animal market where I happened to see a dead swan. For this particular work, my inspiration came from that swan. Although I don’t know how this swan died, but for me the shopkeeper who brought it to the market killed it to sell the dead creature.  When I looked at that swan, I remembered a folk story of a farmer who had a duck that laid a golden egg per day. In greed of getting all the eggs at once, he killed the duck.

The shopkeeper had the same feeling for selling many animals, which are illegal to sale.

But who cares?



Family. 2010. Land Work



1+1=1,Gift. 2010. Medium: Wood & Fiber Glass. Size: 3ft X 2ft X 5ft 10in




Trap. 2009. Medium: Raku Ceramic & Bamboo Sticks. Size: 9in X 37in X 9in



Behind. 2009. Video Work, Duration: 1Minute. Link: ">




Gathering of People. 2008. Medium: Dry Leaf. Size: 10 X 24 X 18 inches



Through The Space. 2008. Medium: Plaster of Paris & S.S Pipe. Size: 9 X 28 X 28 inches



1+1=1, Fated. 2008. Medium: Wood & Mirror. Size: 6ft X 3ft X 3ft



Should Be Awake. 2008. Medium: Plywood & Iron Wire. Size: 48 X 35 X 48 inches



Limitation of Space. 2008. Medium: Wood. Size: 36 X 48 X 5 inches



More Extra. 2008. Medium: Raku Ceramic & P.V.C Pipe. Size: 65 X 45 X 20 inches





Mother & Child. 2008. Medium: Clay. Size: Variable (height-18in)



It's True. 2008. Video Work, Duration: 1 Minute. Link: &feature=channel">&feature=channel




Want To Be Dark But.... 2007. Medium: Seed, Metal Wire, Wood, Acrylic Color. Size: 11 X 18 X 15 inches



Relation. 2007. Medium: Raku Ceramic. Size: 12 X 8 X 10 inches



Rules. 2007. Medium: Bamboo. Size: 8 X 12 X 12 inches




Nirvana. 2007. Medium: Raku Ceramic & Light. Size: 18 X 9 X 4 inches