Reason Behind The Activity_2014

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Reason Behind the Activity


Wooden Structure, LED Torch, Gear Drive, 

Electric Motor, Microphone Stand, Transparent Object

40 X 40 X 12 inch



The entire wooden structure and the object is the metaphor of Reason, what is always roaming around us and the reflection on the wall is playing the role of its job. In my art product, the reflected light looks like a neurological movement, what seems to be a microscopic biological motion. To present my notion I wanted to get closer to its real look.


In the above I mentioned generally a virus or germ is not possible to see with the naked eye but its work. Reason and its Activity both are visible in my creation. This is because most of the time we run after the Activity rather than the Reason, and I would say that this is a wrong perspective to set out further for an actual result. We should find out the cause first before its reflection.