Awe & Dread_2014

Awe & Dread

Etching Aquatint on Acid Free Paper

11 x 8 inch (each)


Remakree is a place in Bandarban hill district, where Marma indigenous people have been living alongside other ethnic communities. They are the followers of Buddhism where they try to show their deep respect and devotion for Buddha. In their daily life Marma people use many objects; on the other hand symbolic representations of Buddhism depict the various stages and activities of life.

This series of etched prints is a research on Marma communities' daily life objects and symbols from Buddhism. I tried to draw a relation between them in terms of their utility and meaning. According to one of the sayings of Buddha, he says when somebody leaves the house and takes the taste of a forest then that person will get to experience Terror, Awe and Dread. Similarly, I experienced the same, while I was at Remakree.