Beyond Comprehention_2012

Beyond Comprehension – I & II


X-Ray Plat & Light Box

16 X 12 inches (each)



5 X-Ray prints are displayed along horizontally


It happens pretty often. Some activities always stay out of sight, out of mind. Gradually it takes a quite ferocious face, when the activity has finished its job.  Almost every time it shows its character at the end, possible to compare the word with medical science’s word and that is “Last Stage”. This word’s meaning is very simple; “Out of Hands!” (Always comes without giving any gesture)


Its material is related with medical science’s material, what takes some attention at the first look. This is because experience about any kind of illness (it could be mental or physical) is never glad; gives always bitter knowledge.


These activities are very powerful, at the same time it does stay hidden, Beyond Comprehension.