Towards The Being_2015

Towards the Being


Transparent Print with Backlit Light 

305 x 488 x 8 cm (25 x 16.5 cm each) 


Sometimes some things happen in our life that snatch everything from us instantly. It grows quietly amid us, but the surface uncover with roar. It’s like a parasite, what gradually grows inside, gets larger, ingest the body consequently death is the ultimate end.


We all have the experience, to meet someone, a stranger who became very close and can possess us.


In my work, all the drawings are presented as a metaphor of internal organs of human body, blood veins etc. Drawings are creating the motion, symbolizes the blood circulation. Prints are presented to resemble an X-Ray print of human body. X-Ray is the medical term, what always shows the internal parts of living and non-living.