You Show & I See_2016

You Show & I See


Print & Phosphorescent Pigment Drawing on Paper

16 X 16 X 8 ft Plywood Room


Every country’s law depends on their government and court. Government doesn’t run the court even it shouldn’t, it walks on its own way. On the same way we have Supreme Court to keep our country rules alive. Before the birth of this country Supreme Court has been taken lots of decisions to take this country farther more. Sometimes its decision became controversial but it always showed its unmoved position regarding its decision. Entire nation’s expectation and future depends on its right decision. 

In my artwork I have showed some architectural drawings of our Supreme Court from different viewpoint. All drawings make a passel together but from a certain kind of angle every drawing is possible to feel separately. This passel is the metaphor of all decisions, what is has taken entire in its life. I used radium pigment to make these drawings, what glows in the dark.

The real reason behind of radium pigment in this art piece is our Supreme Court will always make the right decision, what will glow in the dark as well and this is our hope. Always truth should be shown as a truth only and its light never gets off in the dark.