Road Stays Along With Tales_2018

Road Stays Along With Tales

X-Ray Plat, Rubber Object and Backlit Light Box

17 X 14 inch (each)


There is a proverb in Bangla, “Pothe Pothe Chhoriye Achhe Kotha”, what means tales are lying on the roads.

Every city has its own history in terms of time and Dhaka is no exception. Each and every place of this city has a story to tell. Dhaka has a history of over 400 years and throughout the period it has been carrying a lot of stories and memories which are adding layers to it. This is difficult to see or realize by a bare look at the city.

X-Ray is a process in medical science that reveals what presents inside of a body. Metaphorically to touch this simple notion I put some rubber-made road maps of Dhaka under the X-ray machine to dig out its past, what has been lying down for a distinctive time period.